“What excites me about working on these podcasts is that I get to create in a terrain that is very familiar to me as a director, yet allows me to tell stories in new ways,” said Simon. “I haven’t worked in a sound exclusive medium since my punk rock days during my college radio stint in the 80s, so the podcast format feels so fresh to me. Content creation is a team-sport and partnering with people who are going to challenge you to get outside the proverbial box, is why I’m here. I don’t know exactly where this is all going, but I’m loving the journey thus far”

“Podcasting is at the forefront of a renaissance in audio as a dynamic entertainment medium and an exciting platform with which to connect with audiences,” commented Kushner. “Having started my career producing longform radio content, it feels podcasting has brought me full circle. With that said, all of the content produced by F Street Productions, including both UNSUNG and THE OCCULT UNVEILED, are completely platform agnostic. Everything we create is designed to live on any media platform, making F Street highly nimble and exceptionally adaptable for today’s market.”

The episodic comedy series UNSUNG is inspired by the real-life exploits of musician and rock legend Kasim Sulton. In the series, the fictional Alec Sulton suffers a heart attack on stage and is forced to re-engage with his three adult children, all talented musicians themselves. While the kids know only too well that their dad can be self-destructive and at times incredibly self-absorbed, he’s also the scaffolding upon which they’ve built their own weird little lives. And when they all finally decide to form a band and play together – and they will – one thing becomes clear: They may not be a very tight-knit family, but they’re a pretty good f**king band.

“There have been so many crazy situations and experiences in my life – both highs and lows – that can be hard to describe,” said Sulton. “This series delivers a lot of those moments with powerful insights and amazing clarity. I look forward to sharing this story with both fans who know me and others who may be discovering me and my music for the first time.”

“As a result of the massive media coverage about spirituality and magick, there is an enormous amount of misinformation and beginners parading as experts,” commented Pythian Priestess, who also is an executive producer and co-creator of the series. “THE OCCULT UNVEILED reveals adept practitioners’ secret lives and rituals. These kinds of experiences cannot be found in books, blogs, or TikToks; they are being unveiled for the first time to uninitiated eyes and ears.”

Scott Kushner and Michael A. Simon have been friends ever since they met as undergraduates at George Washington University and discovered their shared passion for comedy and music (the name F Street comes from the dorm where they met). In the years since, they have both gone on to achieve success and acclaim working with artists and projects in music, television and film and creating stories that are both inspiring and entertaining.

Scott Kushner is Executive Producer of MediaPlace, the NYC based integrated media and creative services company he founded in 1993. MediaPlace is best known as content producers across all platforms: video, audio and digital, as well as activations for event and immersive experiences. MediaPlace has worked with clients such as Foot Locker, Gillette, Nike, Kohler, Barnes & Noble, Harley Davidson and MetroPCS.

Scott Kushner began his professional life in radio at network radio syndicators DIR Broadcasting, LBS Communications and ABC Radio Network. His responsibilities included creative development and marketing for radio’s most important long form programs including The King Biscuit Flower Hour, American radio’s preeminent concert series, as well as Casey Kasem’s American Top 40, American Country Countdown, and Rockline. He was actively involved in productions with musical artists such as The Rolling Stones, Elton John, Hall & Oates and Eric Clapton amongst others. He has worked on numerous specials including Live Aid and The Who’s Farewell Tour.

Prior to launching MediaPlace, Kushner was a founding member and Vice President of Point-of-Purchase Radio (Nasdaq:POPX), broadcasting to 16,000 plus retail locations across the United States including Kroger, Rite-Aid, Albertsons, Jewel-Osco, Toys R Us, Eckerd Drug and Ralphs. The company was subsequently acquired by Heritage Media.

Throughout his 25-year career, award-winning television and film director, writer, and producer Michael A. Simon has directed some of the most iconic moments in television history (an amazing feat for a 30-year old!). His shows have attracted over 2 billion views in combined audiences across broadcast, cable and streaming platforms.

Currently, he is in pre-production on his first narrative feature film Prisoners of Time, based on the documentary Town Bloody Hall. The film weaves a story about a father and his daughter, Norman Mailer, Marilyn Monroe and the #MeTooMovement.

During his eleven year career at VH1 Simon produced and directed the cutting edge, award winning series New Visions, VH1 Storytellers and the iconic VH1 Divas.  At VH1 he worked with numerous legends, including Miles Davis, Prince, David Bowie, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston and Prince to name a few.

Simon left MTV Networks to continue his work as a freelance director where he would helm numerous specials and series, including Soul Train, 25 Live Survivor finales, 22 years of the Emmy-winning A Home For The Holidays and the memorable Priceline.com commercial series, featuring William Shatner. Other credits include Bee Gees One Night Only HBO concert special,  Jimmy Kimmel Live, Rockstar, The Sing-off and  MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew, The Contender, and over 50 network, streaming and cable series and specials.

With 25 seasons and over 800 episodes of the worldwide sensation Ridiculousness (along with several spin-offs) and numerous comedy specials, including the highest rated Comedy Central stand-up special ever with Jeff Dunham and the award-winning Gad Elmaleh: American Dream on Netflix, Simon is widely recognized as a premier director of comedy.

F Street Productions is based in New York and Los Angeles. Additional original cross-platform content is expected to be announced shortly.